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  • 关于我们






    ShenZhen zhikongwangluo  is a professional Ad operator to be engaged in modern industrial media, including: “Industrial contral intelligence” “instrument intelligence”  “ kam-business of chinese intelligent products” ,in addition, an intelligent web ,that is www. zgznh.com totally three magzines and a web .

    First, about it is www. zgznh.com ,a kind of comprehensive electronic commerce service for wide manufactures and dealers who engage in intelligent induatrial control ,automation ,instrument, save energy, intelligent constrction, for instance,sending information timely,dealing in the net. According to the analysis of registered users : as of April 30, 2008, the number of registered users and check-in business is nearly 550,000 ,including 400,000 registered users in the net ,100,000 check-in business ,more than 40,000 registered mumbers in forum .the daily page views on more than 1000,000 times .

    Second, “industrial control intelligence” this magazine is a comprehensive professional journals which offer complete intelligent solutions facing industrial control area .In-dept report and analyze the latest development of the world intelligence in all fields ,sending market information about world intellgent industrial control , aimed to promot and facilitate china automation , intelligent application of technology in-dept development. For the majority of automation ,the manufacturers of industrial control intelligence ,franchisers and users in all walks of life ,we offer new authority industrial control technology about home and abroad ,product information ,examples of application industry , purchase guide ,business strategy and comprehensive automation solutions ,we provide users with a wide range of choices and assist consumer expand market.

    Third, “instrument intelligence”,this magzine is the other excellent print media platform belonging to Sanweihzi Information , it mainly conclude :industrial control instrument, transmitter, sensors, temperature gauges, show that control instruments, pressure gauges, flow meters, electrical instrumentation, analytical instruments, electrical instruments, laboratory equipment, instrumentation valves, measurement instruments, instruments of the original device and other instrumentation.


    Tel: +86-0755-83089925


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